Pet Taxi

Extrordinair can offer an approved Pet Taxi service for your pets! Whether you would like them collected before their outbound flight or after they have arrived in Edinburgh, we can make sure that your special family members travel in comfort!

When your pets arrive in Edinburgh, once the customs clearance process is complete, we can deliver them home safely to you. If you’re on the same flight as your pet, you can take advantage of this service so you can get home and unpack whilst we get your pet to you as soon as we can. We could even look after your pet for a short while if you have a preferred time for the delivery on the day of arrival.

You don’t need to worry about juggling with pets, kids, luggage and yourselves all at the same time, let us help take some of the weight from you!


Before your pets depart the UK, we’ll send our pet mobile equipped with an approved travel kennel and some bedding, and deliver them safely to their flight.

We are also able to arrange boarding at local kennels if you require a few days to organise yourselves before you travel.



Contact us for a quote to collect or delivery your furry friend! 

0131 317 7277 or arc@extrordinair.co.uk