Security at All Cost

To handle secure cargo, companies need to work through a demanding and extensive number of checks via the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to become a Regulated Agent.

Not only do we operate regulated status, but we are one of the very few freight forwarders to have embraced and adopted the CAA’s Security Management System (SeMS) framework, working to Level 2.

SeMS provides a formalised, risk-driven framework for integrating security into the daily operations and culture of a business. SeMS allows us to identify and address security risks, threats, potential gaps and weaknesses in a consistent and proactive way to ensure a robust and safe supply chain.

The entire team are incredibly proud of our commitment to security and our adoption of a non-mandatory process that is aimed to help provide our customers further assurances on the focus we put on keeping their products and consignments secure. We believe that by developing a SeMS in line with the CAA’s framework, we gain an effective security quality management system which allows us to offer further assurances to our clients and suppliers.

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