Pet Birds

Edinburgh Airport Animal Receiving Centre is approved to accept pet birds. For entry in to the UK your bird must conform to the following regulations

  • Owner must travel on the same flights
  • Owner must have a Pet Bird Import Licence, this can be applied for using the following link;
  • Have an identity ring
  • Comply with one of the following;
  1. 30 days pre-movement isolation under official supervision
  2. Be vaccinated and at least on one occasion be re-vaccinated within 6 months and not later than 60 days prior to despatch against avian influenza using an H5 vaccine which is not a live vaccine and approved for the species concerned
  3. Be isolated for 10 days prior to dispatch and have been subjected to an approved test for the detection of avian influenza H5N1 antigen or genome, not earlier than on the third day of isolation. Please note this is not a blood test it usually done by taking a swab.
  4. Have a valid Laboratory report showing the bird tested negative for avian influenza
  5. Have an endorsed Annex II EU health certificate in accordance with Commission Decision 2007/25/EC and be completed in English
  6. If applicable an import CITES permit (follow this link:
  7. Fly as manifested cargo

The information provided above is for guidance only and we would always stress It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure all regulations are complied with and we’d suggest the following link to support any potential movement.

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