Zoological Transport

All staff at Extrordinair are experienced with the movement of animals, although Operations Director, Derek Fraser, is our specialist in transporting those out of the ordinary species. Speak to our team today if you need support with any endangered or rare species.

Zoological societies play a key role in the conservation of endangered species and with one of the world’s best zoo’s on our doorstep we understand the importance they play in protecting animals from all over the world.

During any animal movement, their welfare is our top priority and this is even more pertinent when working with potentially rare and endangered species. When transporting these incredibly rare and unique animals, we ensure handling and time is kept to a complete minimum to ensure there’s no unnecessary stress caused to the these wonderful animals.

We can offer you a variety of services to assist with the animal’s transportation:

  • Advice on the correct IATA compliant travel container
  • Reservation of cargo space with the airlines
  • Import and Export Customs and documentation formalities
  • 30 years experience working in animal movements
  • Hands on support for your movement

Let us take the stress out of transporting animals around the world.

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