Border Inspection Post at Edinburgh to welcome Commercial Birds

Extrordinair are in the process of finalising an application to APHA to extend its Border Control Post (BCP) to commercial birds. Already a BCP for small animals; one of only three in the entirety of the UK, our team are expecting to extend the Extrordinair welcome to Commercial Birds and support the high volume of professional breeders and trainers in the Scotland and of course, beyond.

The team at Extrordinair are already well versed in handling pet birds as part of its duties as the Animal Receiving Centre, but the new application will allow Extrordinair to welcome commercial bird movements to the facility and it will be the only facility in the UK outside London.

The process is being supported by Lori McVittie of our Animal receiving Team and she commented how excited the team are about welcoming commercial bird movements to the facility. “We’re really looking forward to extending our expertise into commercial bird movements. We already work with pet birds regularly and are well versed on their handling and the protocol. There is a buoyant industry for the breeding and training of large birds in Scotland and we’re really hopeful we can support a number of local business with their requirements and be the gateway to the rest of the world for any keen bird enthusiast, trainers and breeders”

Extrordinair hope to have all applications completed and be fully active later this year, so stay tuned and please contact our team today if you have any enquiries at;

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