Keep your business moving during the COVID-19 outbreak

The spread of the COVID-19 virus within and beyond China is having a major impact on the logistics industry and will continue to cause disruptions for some time. Various industries are facing challenges along their supply chain such as vendor´s low capacity and production, raw material shortages, lead time issues, ocean blank sailings and truck/transport capacity constraints.

In this uncertain time, we are following the situation closely and are working with you to minimize the negative impact on your supply chains.

What are your alternatives

You might be suffering from supply chain constraints due to COVID-19. Once production normalises, high demand for capacity available in the market will intensify, and there are various logistics solutions to meet your urgent shipping needs.

We have outlined solutions which might help during this uncertain time. We are developing alternative services across the logistic chain where possible and our customer service teams are able to provide more context.

  1. Intercontinental Rail, with services from Asia to Europe.
  2. Ship - Train - Ship services.
  3. Intra Asia Ocean Network
  4. Cross Border Trucking Services
  5. Air Freight
  6. Warehouse / Storage solutions to meet your demands
  7. Ocean Freight

Make the right decision

We understand that lead time and costs are important drivers for your decision. Our teams can support you and your business and help compare the solutions which will fit your supply chain. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Keep your business moving

We are constantly monitoring the status of the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact on your supply chain and taking action where we can. We are doing our utmost to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your supply chain.

Customer communication

We provide customers first hand update on frontline situation, enable customers to make right decision.


Our multimodal team can centrally monitor operational activity to ensure the best service levels.

Best practice sharing

We provide customers industry insight and share best practices.


We'll closely manages your shipment forecasts to provide you up to date visibility.


We can collaborate with customers to give top priority to most urgent shipments.

Alternative route

Our experienced teams can map out transportation options for on time delivery.

Scenario plan

We can help customers to plan for different scenarios to minimise impact.

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