Extrordinair authorised as a Border Control Post for Conservation Birds

Extrordinair are delighted to announce that our application for the extension to our existing Border Control Post designation to include conservation birds - such as Falcons, has been reviewed and on APHA’s recommendation has been authorised by Defra and Scottish Government.

Extrordinair now become the only facility in Scotland to be able to support the movement of Commercial Conservation birds. Extrordinair MD, went on to say; 'This is excellent news and I have to thank the entire team for the efforts in providing such compelling evidence to APHA of our capabilities to handle conservation birds at this facility'.

'The addition of Conservation Birds at our facility makes us the only Border Control Post North of London who can support the movement of commercial birds, which should be a massive boost to the local breeders and trainers in this area that are world renowned in the working with conservation birds, such as Falcons.'

The move to extend Extrordinair's Border Control Post designation came after increasing demand from local breeders and trainers who wanted greater local support for the moving of their beautiful birds. Scotland has a glowing reputation as one of the premier regions for the training and breeding of Falcons and other conservation birds and Extrordinair is now ready to welcome birds of all shapes and sizes.

If you need help today, please contact our team on; 0131 317 7277, or email on: arc@extrordinair.co.uk

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