Private Charter Solutions for your Pet Travel

Due in no small part to the very limited commercial airline capacity for pets to fly in the hold of larger aircraft, more and more owners are turning to chartering private jets to transport their beloved companions. Extrordinair has seen a significant rise in the demand for flying pets with them on passenger aircrafts – including trans-Atlantic ride-sharing for owners’ of cats and dogs.

Adam Williams, MD of Extrordinair stated, “We've been working with private charters for a long time and it's not unusual to see us utilising charters for pet owners looking to travel with their favorite companions. As cross country lockdowns and reduced air travel take their toll on travel, we're seeing increased demand for people wanting to travel with tiger pet but unable to source options via the usual methods, this is where private jet charters are providing a positive solution."

We are also seeing increased popularity with ride-sharing pets on private jets which, of course, splits costs and make some longer distance charters very affordable.

Derek Fraser, Operations Director claims “We see consolidation in general cargo division, so why not with private jets. Owners wanting to fly with their furry companions when travelling, or relocate permanently, and this has proven to be a relatively cost effective way of transporting their pets.”

If you require support with charter aircrafts for your movement, speak to our team today - who can support any option to enable you to be reunited with your pets, relocate with your favorite companion, travel with your beloved animals - we can help.

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